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Bran working sheep, 10 months old. January 2009
©2009 Gene Sheninger    

Thanks for stopping in! My name is Megan Quigley, and my Border Collies and I live in northern New Jersey. My journey to ownership was long and thoroughly researched. I spent nearly six months researching several dog breeds and asking questions before deciding that a Border Collie was the right breed for me. I went to events where Border Collies were being used in sheep herding and other demonstrations, as I had never actually known any, and I wanted to interact with them. I then spent almost another six months searching for the right breeder. Many people tried to discourage me from getting a Border Collie, as they are not suitable for the average pet owner. I am proud to say that I learned I am not “average,” as the experience and occasional insanity of living with my first Border Collie soon led to my desire to have another. I brought home my first in 1993, and I am sure they are the right breed for me. In fact, I could never imagine having another breed instead of a Border Collie. …in addition to, but not instead of.

Dare flanking out to turn her sheep, Jack Knox clinic. Nov 2008
©2008 Michelle Dobbs  

Border Collies are very successful in many different dog sports for a simple reason: The traits of the Border Collie which make it the world’s best sheepdog are exactly what performance competitors need for success in other dog sports. The characteristics necessary to a working sheepdog are biddability, intelligence, speed, intense drive, incredible work ethic, desire to please the handler, and at the same time, the independent thinking required of a dog to make decisions about livestock at a distance of hundreds of yards or more from the shepherd. Therefore, my dogs are bred from, and bred back to, dogs used on the farm and tested in herding trials. The same characteristics that make amazing work and competition dogs, however, often result in a disastrous relationship with owners expecting a dog so smart “he’ll practically train himself” or who would like a companion dog that will just hang around the house and “be there.” More about Border Collies and useful resources can be found on the Border Collie Information and Border Collie Resources pages.

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